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A Prisoner,a Sportsman and A rainbow Country.

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Just about a year ago, I had tried to download a movie that i really wanted to watch for a long time but unable to complete due to the shitty wifi in KBU. This is a story about a famous politician that i favors most in the western world, even i mentioned his name during the BTN. A 27 years-imprisoned Nelson Mandela tried to unite his country and demolish the gap between the white and the black Afrikaans.One of his approaches was using the sport that the white people treasured most: Rugby.

The movie, based on a poem by an English writer William Ernest Henley, Invictus featured Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela (Madiba) and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar, the captain of 1995 Springboks rugby team that had won their first world cup.

The story is so inspiring, even if you are just a normal person, not even a sportsman, nor a politician, neither a rugby player. Rugby was a sport for white people only. The black people hated the national rugby team because the Green and Gold which were the colours of the jersey and their formal flag that represent apartheid, the policy that discriminated the black people. Even a Negro boy would had been beaten up by their peers if they wear the jersey. They were really divided, and they even cheers for the teams that against the Springboks.

After Nelson Mandela was elected as President, he tried to convince his people about their Rugby team, make them to believe on the them. He did not want to abolish the name springboks and its colour as it feared the white people. He did not want revenge but unity of his people. Then, he met Francois Pienaar to give him advices, and motivation that kept his teammates in treamendous fit. Piennar payed a visit to Robben Island, to see the prison where Mandela was kept. He also thought, how a man, kept in a small cell for about 30 years willing to forgive the men who lock him up. Mandela became an inspiration to the team, and they need to win the Rugby world cup championship which also they hosted in 1995. Hence, they needed the support of a 40 million Afrikaans, regardless their skin colour.

Morgan Freeman as Mandela, A person who walk out of the brick wall, liberating his people from the chain of fears and isolation.

The Springboks teach the black kids about rugby. The clinic was on of the initial approach for Mandela's "One Team, One nation" program to gain the support of the black people towards their national rugby team.

The Team started to gain support from the people of South Africa. Note that there was only one Black rugby player in the team, Chester William which became an icon for the black kids.

The Springboks reached the final after beating Australia, Samoa and France. They met the fearful New Zealand who trashed England in the semi final. Mandela who was wearing the springboks jersey, with the number 6 on his back, the number that worn by Pienaar, wishing him goodluck.

Springboks managed to defeat the All Blacks. It was a hard task with the presence of NZ's ace Jonah Lomu. For the first time, the final match had an extra time.

South africa is a unique country which rose under the heat of fears and hatred . Even a movie, District 9 starred by Sharlto Copley also set in South Africa and produced in the same year with the Invictus, depicts the message of segregation amd discrimination. After 5 years, they Host another prolific game with was watch by over billions people on Earth, the FIFA word Cup. People gathered again in Africa to watch the sport and the country's progress.And they are doing very well after they were liberated about twentieth ago.. Like the World cup Song by K'naan, the waving flag, the lyric represents the sufering and determination of the Afrikaan people to raise up against their depressor and unite within one flag.

p/s: It is embarrassing to see that in our country, people divided because of sport. The match of Kelantan Vs Negri, Kelantan Vs Terengganu and the epic Malaysian against the Indonesian rose the heat of hatred due to lack of acceptance and tolerance. In the western countries,they can cheers and seat on the same fan bench while watching the tournament together, without the noise of fire crackers. It is just a game and a game that supposedly unifies people.

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