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The Far Seer: Fahman on 10:35 PM

A poem for EAL/D class.

While I'm on a lonely road,
across another coastal line.
Miles away from those I love,
my purpose is hard to find.
The path that I've chosen,
is by a harsh sea shore,
A winding path fulls with sharp edges,
The tide wave shakes my confidence.

And sometimes I've Fallen,
Disgrace blankets me.

But I've reached there finally,
A place of peace, so-called home.
And you are there,
Like subtle wind that tranquilizes me,
but still give me the warmth
as an evening sun.

Even distance separates us,
You are always there;
a blatant bright spot that give me the shine,
enlighten my life.
Inspires me, motivates me.

To become a person who can climb the cliff,
to become the one who touches the sky,
and to become a man of character.

Machang.(gambar hiasan)

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