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When the Mother Nature calls

The Far Seer: Fahman on 5:38 AM

Another poem for EAL/D.
Dedicated for the 2004 tsunami victims.

It was a day after Christmas
the children were celebrating,
the parents were relaxing,
the day was exhilarating,
As the sun was shining,
Warming the places of non-solstice.

But it all happened in sudden
the children were crying,
the parents were grieving,
the day was a tragedy,
Mother-nature became angry.

Forty-eight of us are terrorized,
the cities were washed away,
leaving the corpses and the mud,
Hundred thousands perished.
The places of fun became the places of funeral

The Newly Birth Child was in sorrow
As all of us mourned.
And now we saw,
How small we are.

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