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Education and The Nation Builders.

The Far Seer: Fahman on 11:52 PM

In the recent times, youths are represented as a rebellious generation but with numerous energies that are useful in building a strong nation. Hence, building the good characters of the youth is crucial task that should be considered in a country's education system.

Acceptance is the main positive value that should be planted in the hearts of the young people. Teenagers seemed to caused too much troubles because of lack of acceptance. In an interview of a counselor in a secondary school, Miss Hannah Stewart propose that students bully others if they are dissatisfied with others' appearance and some might commit suicide if they cannot cope with the rumor. Acceptance is the the core that create a good youth and it only can be achieved by a motivating and self disciplined education.

Education can shape the outlook of an outspoken and tolerant young generation. A motivator, Dr.John Capalan said, oral skills study can improve the students' public relationship and boost their confidence in the public speech. They also can learn on how to accept others' opinions and build tolerance among each others. Similarly, this skills is applicable when they step into the working place environment. They need to accept others' opinion in order to make the right decision in a firm or a company.

Besides that, students can develop acceptance through the education in school by working together as a group for example; working on assessment or being in a football team. In the football match, co-operation is very crucial. The player should accept what his teammates trying to say. This interactive communication is one of the key factors that leads to the glory of the team.

Moreover, teenagers can learn how to become successful through an outstanding education. A good education is essential in motivating the students to strive hard in their lives. The value of acceptance is one of the factors in motivating students who fails in examinations. They can learn on how to accept failure and use them as a leap stone to study harder, and not just a barrier to achieve their goals. Hence, acceptance is not just an adjective to represent something that we receive, it is also important in self improvement. Education is the major factor in developing the acceptance among youth.

Education is a wide term. A famous thinker, John Maynard Hutchins said; "the problems on Earths will not be solved without the word starting with 'E', which is Education''. The youth nowadays is more expressive in showing their feeling. With acceptance, they can become a network of generation that can actively communicated each other in improving the relationship and dealing with fast changing information. This value is a factors that creates a more patriotic and intelligent generation for the national building.

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