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Heart of Desire

The Far Seer: Fahman on 6:11 AM

Feeling empty. Feels like nothing to do.
Facebook is just boring.
It is like the time is so slow,
Then, I've remember,
When I was in the secondary school.

No laptop, no games, no DotA, no Facebook
But the time is used wisely,
studying, reading, praying for success.
a different scenario now and then,

I'm scared,
I have a nightmare,
I'm afraid I can't pass the barrier,
and Fly away like the others.

My heart is empty.
Lot my mind have lots of things to think.
what to do and don't.
It is like a Brain jammed.

Cmon lad, tomorrow is the oral.
ATA oral test, the external one.
Just do whatever is necessary to achieve the score.
Pray hard, Play less.
Hardwork, and victory is ours.

Picture from a classmate

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