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The Far Seer: Fahman on 9:28 AM

All of you know this word. Its pronunciation sound 'HARD', means it is something that hard to learn. For me, I always got problem with it, since my primary school. It can be said as my nature enemy.ha3...

Yesterday I learnt math in the class. The topic was Differentiation and the subtopic was..... I don't know... About the graph, Inflation point i guest. Miss Kong is a very good lecture as she explain clearly about the problems and the gist of the topic. Unfortunately this student is not good enough to catch up all the good lectures tutorial in adittion my equation of the day was; PES 2010+Internet=sleepy....

The point is, no mater what is the barrier I should learn mathematics as it is what architecture is about,instead of physics. I just want to thank my friend, who is a math genius( I think he is good in all subjects) because he is the one who taught me about math when we were in secondary school and he gave me the spirit to learn it. Old folks quote; nothing impossible. just do it. (sound like nike and adidas quote to me...hehehe)

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