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The Far Seer: Fahman on 7:16 AM

He is just a normal person, powerless.Sometimes he acts like he is the calmest person that everybody knew but his heart is timid and shy. He only can get along with the very good friend of him. Some people see him as a person that have everything. A person that everybody can rely on. What a shame, he is just an ordinary, sometime a looser who always fall by the edge of despair.

As the time runs out, he realizes that everybody have the own strength and weaknesses. He try to get up,climb the stairs of life, which is steep and sharp-edged. It is nature. Wheel is part of life. Once he fall, he becomes aware. Friends is his strength as he hate to be alone. When comes to the end, he knows that he has to go to his own way, separates with thew others........

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