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The Far Seer: Fahman on 3:14 AM

My class, 2 years ago, with Mr.Nik (me, four from right, the top row)

It is about a year we left the school. I believe all of us share the sweet memory of the place that we climb for success. Nevertheless, the last experiences teach us to become aware in our life, to strive hard for the best and to be the one who to be proud of by the others

Talking about school. Everybody, on that time felt very eager to finish the school( I mean boarding school), so that they can free from the rules: woke up early, wore uniform, to wore a white collar t-shirt during when playing on the school field. Everything was controlled by the 'authority' and one of them that we fear most is called MR.SUDIN. He is the student affair vice and he is famous with the fastest and most dreadful rattan stroke in the school.

Mr,Sudin sneaked like an assassin ninja that everybody did not realized the pain came from their backs.The quite sound of his scooter was loud enough to wake all the third floor residents that near to the hostel halt stand. My dormitory was beside the main stairs and my bed was the nearest to the dormitory door; that means i was the first victim of the block.

However, some people said, pain sometimes is a teacher. All the lashes that we got makes us realize about our mistakes. I got a friend who always known for being the lashes by him due to disciplinary faults.Instead, he then become a good man,much better than a person who never touched by rattan as he feels the pain more.

I always remember the last day as a form five student in that school. The day where all other people were away, only us the fivers. Many crazy things happened. The laugh, the joy, the pain and the sad things. The experiences are invaluable. After we left the school then we knew how we miss that times. Human always like that; only appreciates things when they are gone. It is the nature that we called growing up and that is why we had to accept that.

Many of us are in universities, private or local. Thanks to the efforts of our teachers who always squeeze their mind to nurture the students, to torch the darkness in us so that can be successful.A friend of mine said,"our 'thank you' is not enough to repay our teachers". Teachers are the backstage people who humble and always strives for the best to teach us.They are the rightful person to receive all the credit that students had. THANK YOU, teachers

(inset:younger me)

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