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When the Mother Nature calls

The Far Seer: Fahman on 5:38 AM People who also had seen (0)

Another poem for EAL/D.
Dedicated for the 2004 tsunami victims.

It was a day after Christmas
the children were celebrating,
the parents were relaxing,
the day was exhilarating,
As the sun was shining,
Warming the places of non-solstice.

But it all happened in sudden
the children were crying,
the parents were grieving,
the day was a tragedy,
Mother-nature became angry.

Forty-eight of us are terrorized,
the cities were washed away,
leaving the corpses and the mud,
Hundred thousands perished.
The places of fun became the places of funeral

The Newly Birth Child was in sorrow
As all of us mourned.
And now we saw,
How small we are.


The Far Seer: Fahman on 10:35 PM People who also had seen (0)

A poem for EAL/D class.

While I'm on a lonely road,
across another coastal line.
Miles away from those I love,
my purpose is hard to find.
The path that I've chosen,
is by a harsh sea shore,
A winding path fulls with sharp edges,
The tide wave shakes my confidence.

And sometimes I've Fallen,
Disgrace blankets me.

But I've reached there finally,
A place of peace, so-called home.
And you are there,
Like subtle wind that tranquilizes me,
but still give me the warmth
as an evening sun.

Even distance separates us,
You are always there;
a blatant bright spot that give me the shine,
enlighten my life.
Inspires me, motivates me.

To become a person who can climb the cliff,
to become the one who touches the sky,
and to become a man of character.

Machang.(gambar hiasan)

The E.N.D of the semester.

The Far Seer: Fahman on 6:22 PM People who also had seen (0)

Since i Have nothing to be done, so i write. Since I have nothing to be written, so I think first. Nervous, Excited, Everything are in my mind right now.

Today is the last day in the semester. Feeling excited, as the Home is calling for me. But there is major task that need to be done, the EAL/D Oral and physic presentation. For whole night i can't sleep because of the nervous+happy feeling. What a crap.

Hope that next semester will become better.


I can't

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Can you at least being reality?
I can't be the prince charming
like the one from the Korean Drama that you watched,
or the male character of the novel that you read,
who can make you flying high,
and touch the sky.

I can't always be with you,
I can't be as heroic as you wanted,
You think i'm perfect,
but I'm not
No matter how hard I want to explain,
you'll not understand.
I can't
I can't
I can't.

Because I'm just

The Loving creature

The Far Seer: Fahman on 11:50 PM People who also had seen (3)

Love is a strong feeling. Without it, a person is not a creatures (except angels,created by Allah, they have no feelings). The reason of why i;m saying that because every creatures have right to be love. But now, human are more evil, hating each others and being cruel towards other creatures. As the caliphs on earth, the balance of the system should be conserved. No creatures are being abused.

I'm impressed with the love shown by a creature that very close to me; cats. A mother cats wiil protect her kitten from any threat. They love each other. There are special things about cat that I amazed. each one of them have their own characteristic that distinguished themselves from each other.
kelabu with her kitten, kelabu kechik.

My mother love them very much. There were one of the cats that she love most. A brownish orange furry female cat named Huduh(an ugly name for a cat, even the meaning also is ugly). My mom cannot sleep, eat less. only thinking of that cat. The bond of human and animal is strong once human have the feeling of ihsan (mercy).

the cats in house.

the missing Huduh

here is a video about the love a stray cat. I got it from a friend. it was film in Turkey and I'm almost shed my tears seeing the video. Such loving animal