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The Far Seer: Fahman on 11:56 PM

19 November 2010

Yesterday was the graduation day, followed by the senior nite. Everyone enjoyed themselves, nevertheless some felt annoyed and offended. By the way, our little brothers and sisters had done a good job for the night.

Hope to left all the bad thing that we had done, all the bad things that they told about us, and the things that sometimes might kills our spirits. Let those things can be evicted by the joy of success.

Well. this is it. the final of the coarse. Finally we met the end point. Every gathering will have the end. Most of us had lived together, and there are many memories,laughter, and sadness that we shared through out the years. Separation is the killer part, the part that we will split, taking our own ways.

Frankly to say, I hate farewell. I hate to shake hand for the last time and I hate the "separation atmosphere". It feel suck of being apart for long time and it will not be the same if we meet in the future. A little awkward, as our lives will change the way we are.

Hopefully, the path that we will take will meet at a nice junction. We will be fine, and even better.

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