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Being Hated or Loved

The Far Seer: Fahman on 10:51 PM

Haven you feel that, not everyone like you?
haven you know that there are people who might hate you?

This is the reality of life. not everything are perfect; not everything are like what we want it to be.
For sure, some people around us dislike us in a certain part. Some doesn't like the way others speaking, the way they dress and the most part is their personalities.
Everybody is not perfect, we are just a human with tonnes of weaknesses. It depends on people surrounding whether to accept us or not. And for some cases, we should accept people the way they are because those are their unchangeable natures.

That is what happens when everybody becomes too judgmental, tend to critique and extremely stereotyping each others. Why can't we live in a piece and harmony society, without any hidden feeling of anger towards others? Becomes more transparent?
This is the 'nature' of our Eastern culture which is more conservative in expressing feelings. We tends to hide the dissatisfactory. If the anger can't be manage, the effects are more terrible.

Love and hate are concrete feelings

In a conclusion, if you feels that you have many friends and everybody likes you, you should also know that there are also people who hate you. Don't be too optimist. This is the reality and reality is not always fair.

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