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The Far Seer: Fahman on 8:35 AM

I have two friends.LEt say the first one is MR.J and the second is MR.K.

Mr.J was the new student, same as me. He was the closest and knew best of me than other person is the school. Although he was new, he always the top student.Although he is lazy, but he is smart pious, and full of knowledge. I like him and admire him a lot.

The second is Mr.K. He was also smarter than me but a little bit arrogant. I did not like him. He always wanted to compete with Mr.J because he want to be the number one. Although he is hard-headed and impolite, I admire his hardworking. He always strive to become the best so that he will be the best, and rarely I saw him online in Facebook. STudy I guest.

Based on the two fellows, there are many things that we can take as an inspiration to become successful. No matter you like or hate a person, you still can take their good values in order to improve ourselves. And the two friend of mine have the same principle since the school. They have not change their styles,their appearances and their standings, in spite of far away from their guardians. I'm a total contradiction of both of them.

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