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Not a Good Day...

The Far Seer: Fahman on 10:33 PM

This is a day that make my mood goes down. Firstly, the EAL/D speech. I think I've against my nature of quietness because I speak too much but there are no points. In fact, it just a humiliating mumbling that shouldn't be done.

The second is the physics test. There are some mistakes that I've done and a feel sorry with myself.

  1. overconfident: working too fast, lack of recheck.
  2. wrong significant figures: thing that kills most.
  3. no square sign: the lame careless, shouldn't be done.
Seriously. I'm a careless person, extremely bloody careless. I dunno how to overcome this problem as it is part of me. And I think another reason for this physics result is: too much PES 2010 + Facebook. think should start study now. go go go..GA-GO

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